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Our Policies & Commitment to our Listeners 

Love Soul Radio Privacy Policy - Updated 1.19.2022

This privacy policy outlines our commitment to never share any of your personal information unless you authorize us to do so.

If you donate, subscribe or purchase merchandise from Love Soul Radio your personal and payment information will be utilized from a third party service (ie .PayPal & CashApp) to complete the transaction. We will never solicit you or share your information with other companies.

If you call into a live show you may be recorded and/or heard live on the air. Please be aware of this as what you talk about will be shared with a global audience. Note that live shows are recorded and can be replayed in the future. Please note that when calling the request line or providing a shout-out on the mobile app, your voice can be edited and used in future shows.

We do not use cookies to store or use your information.

Ethics Policy - Updated 1.19.22

Our commitment is to play music that is family friendly. This means the music is edited for radio. We do our utmost to edit out any explicit material however, human error can occur with editing so we apologize in advance should you hear something that offends you. Please contact us if this happens with the time and date so we can rectify the problem.

Our show hosts are aware that they must keep any interviews or general talk to family friendly topics. No explicit language or offensive content will be tolerated on Love Soul Radio.

We appreciate your listenership and ask that you contact us via the contact page should you have any feedback that can help us improve our content for all listeners.